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Phone Home Internationally with an Iridium Satellite Telephone

W elcome to PHI Satellite Phones Inc..  We are a satellite phone rental company operating in Scottsdale, AZ.   Our mission is to offer clients reliable Iridium satellite phones for use in areas of the world where there is no "regular" telephone communications available.

I mentioned in our Yahoo-posted Grand Canyon trip report how happy we were with you, your service, and the coverage of your system down there. I can't believe my buddy and I hiked all those trips without one.
- Frank
Are you traveling to areas of the world where there is no cell coverage or traditional land lines?  If so, PHI Satellite Phones Inc. can assist you.  We lease two models of Iridium satellite phones that work in virtually every country in the world.  Whether you are in Baja, Mexico off-road racing or fishing and hunting in remote areas of Canada and Alaska, PHI Satellite Phones Inc. will keep you connected to the ones with whom you need to stay in touch.  Our Iridium satellite phones will give you peace of mind knowing that if an emergency arises, help is only an Iridium satellite phone call away!

Call or e-mail PHI Satellite Phones Inc. to reserve an Iridium satellite phone today!  Once the reservation is confirmed you can fill out our service agreement.

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